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Batch Process folders and their subfolders into Searchable PDF files

Tiff to PDF is designed to duplicate a file folder hierarchy, with the duplicate folders containing not tiffs but text searchable PDF files. This makes it ideal for batch processing entire folders, subfolders and CD's of tiff images into a ready to search format. The software is very simple to use and reasonably fast, our tests showed an average page taking about 4 seconds. This translates into 900 pages per hour. With a CD holding around 10,000 images you can expect that when you leave at night, the next morning the work will be completed.

The program utilizes the OCR engine from Nuance (Owners of OMNI Page - formally ScanSoft) that is included with Microsoft Office Document Imaging (MODI), a required component. Without question this OCR engine is one of the five best in the World, and is available in different languages. If English is not the language to be used the setup will prompt the user for the location of MODI.

Please note that when searching the output the user will be taken to the page that contains the word, however the word will not be highlighted.

Searching the text in the PDF

Although the user can search using Acrobat or the search engine in Windows (the user may have to install the iFilter from Adobe to do this) dtSearch is the recommended search engine for these files. It will search not only the PDF's but also, most all other document types including, Outlook Mail, Word Documents, Excel Spreadsheets etc. It allows the user to refine the search by Proximity “words within so many words of another”, Stemming (the root of the search word), Synonym (related words) Phonic (sound like) and Fuzzy Searching (some of the letters match). It can also limit the search by index data in the Author, Subject, Title and Keywords in a files properties. It does the searching almost instantaneous, unlike the search engine in Windows. And most important of all is that the text in the PDF can be viewed before the PDF is open saving the time it takes to open and close a PDF. Visit dtsearch website

To use Tiff to PDF the user only has to input four items, the folder where the images are stored, the output folder, whether or not to process sub folders and whether or not to duplicate the file folder structure.

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Text Searchable Tiffs         x x x $99.00
Tiff to PDF     x   x x x $199.00
Tiff to Text       x x x x $199.00
Tiff to Text III   x x x x x x $249.00
Identify Docs x x x x x x x $299.00
Tiff Numbering x   x     x   $99.00

Tiff to PDF $199.00

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