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Software box of Tiff to Text Batch OCR Processing Batch OCR Tif Images to Text Files along with Searchable Tif images

Tiff to Text is designed to perform Optical Character Recognition (OCR) in a batch process. The program utilizes the OCR engine from Nuance (Owners of OMNI Page - formally ScanSoft) that is included with Microsoft Office Document Imaging (MODI).

With Tiff to Text the user has the option of processing all of the tif images in a file folder as well as tif images in all subfolders. The output will be a matching file folder structure with either the tif image along with a matching text file created from the OCR or just the text file.

Tiff to Text is easy to setup as the user only has to enter the input folder and output folder along with some simple choices.

One reviewer wrote The software was designed specifically to perform the "bulk" Optical Character Recognition. It's extremely easy to install and operate: simply point where the source files are and "tell" the program what needs to be done. Read entire review

Required Setup information:

Menu for Tif to Text Batch OCR Processing

  • Include Sub Directories – this will OCR all the tif images in the Sub Directories of the root

  • Duplicate Folder Structure – this makes a matching output file folder hierarchy of the OCR’d images, if not selected all output files will be placed in the output root.

  •  Display Status – allows the user to see what file is being OCR’d

  • Output Text File Only – just creates a matching text file from the OCR contents

  • Delete Original Tiff image – Deletes the file that was processed

Advanced ASCII Options Menu for Tif to Text Batch OCR Processing

Advanced Options:

  • Standard Output – Normal OCR text file

  • Upper Case – All of the OCR text is converted to Upper Case

  • Lower Case - All of the OCR text is converted to Lower Case

  • Strict ASCII – Only outputs the OCR text that contains character codes between 0 – 127

  • Printable ASCII – Only outputs the OCR text that contains character codes 10, (line feed), 13 (Carriage Return) and codes 32 to 126

  • Custom - the user can input a string of character codes to be returned from the OCR such as 10, 13, 48-57 which would just output the numbers contained within the tif image.


Program uses:

This program is designed to produce high quality OCR text files from tif images for research purposes. It is ideal for law firms that receive CD’s of tif images in the discovery process. Until now law firms needed expensive software to get high quality OCR output done in a batch process. That has changed with Tiff to Text costing less than what it costs to convert a CD of discovery documents to a text format. 

With Tiff to Text if discovery documents arrive on a CD the user just copies the files to a folder on their hard drive, selects an output folder and lets the software do it's job.

An average CD contains up to 10,000 images and they can be processed at an average of 900 pages per hour. This average was calculated on typical single page discovery document in a G4 tiff format. The processor was a 2.4 mhz Pentium 4 with 512 of memory. Ideally the process will be run at night when the PC is not being used for another process as the OCR engine consumes most of the processing power of the PC.

If the discovery documents arrive as paper files the user can use the scan to file option on their copier and have the output tif images OCR'd.

Other uses for this product are all related to research projects where the quality of OCR text is important but where the formatting is not.

Scanning Images:

This program does not include scanning software. It only processes images after they have been scanned. It assumes the images were created with a copier that scans to a file folder on a network such as those manufactured by Canon, Ricoh, Xerox, Sharp, HP, Kyocera, Konica, Toshiba, Brother, Lanier, Savin, Gestetner, Panasonic, HP, Oce, Kodak or other that has the ability to scan to a file folder on a network. It also processes tif images that were received in the discovery process or were batch scanned by other software.

Requirements: Microsoft Office Document Imaging - Windows OS, Microsoft XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8

Online Manual

Tiff to Text Brochure

Download Tiff to Text Manual

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Tiff to Text III

Tiff to Text III has all the functionality of Tiff to Text with the added capability of monitoring a file folder hierarchy and allowing the user to select Searchable Tif, Txt or PDF output. The PDF output will contain the text on the page, but will not be aligned with the words.  Making searching for pages acceptable, but not for searching the words on the open page.

tiff to text III setup for OCR batch processing

Tiff Due Diligence

Tiff to Text III comes packaged with "Tiff Due Diligence" which is a simple to use program that tests for txt and PDF files that have the same name as Tiff images. When doing hundreds of thousands or millions of pages there is bound to be a corrupt tiff image that causes an OCR engine to fail. Finding which one can be time consuming and difficult. With Tiff Due Diligence the user enters an input folder (the folder that contains the tiff images) and an output folder (where the processed files should reside). The software will create a log of missing files and copy the original to a Failed File folder for reprocessing manually. 

Tiff Due Diligence Screen shot of looking for matching files


Online Manual

Download Tiff to Text III Manual

Download Tiff to Text III Trial

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Tiff Numbering x   x     x   $99.00



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