Since 2004 eDocfile Inc. has been supplying software utilities that increase office productivity. Our products come from requests that there must be an easier, more affordable way to process files. 

eDocfile's batch processing utilities have been designed to work with copiers that have a scan to folder option as well as a standalone scanner. Our programs consist of utilities that separate scanned images, automatically name scanned files, OCR files, capture and process screen text and distribute facsimiles. Each of the programs can be modified to suit your particular needs. 

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 File by Barcode Suite

The suite contains these three barcode reading programs

Simple Barcode Filing

Simple Document Filing with Barcodes Software Box
File documents with barcodes and Name the file the bar code contents
File by Barcode

File by Barcode software box
Search all pages everywhere for barcodes that contain specific information
Barcode Back Filer

Barcode Back Filer Software Box
Software designed specifically for scanning back Files

 Document Filing with Text Content

eDoc Zonal OCR

eDoc Zonal OCR
Extract selected text, rename the file and create a matching csv file.
Simple Zonal OCR

Simple Zonal OCR
Capture Two Zones and rename the file the text content
Print and File

Simple Zonal OCR
Print and Save a File automatically, add barcodes and scan files.

Doc Sorter

Automatic Document Sorting Box Shot
Automatically Sort Searchable PDFs and Tiff Images into folders.

File by OCR

File by OCR Software Box
File a scanned document by its text contents
PDF Data Extractor

PDF Data Extraction
Extract Data and Rename Searchable PDF's in a Batch Process
File Viewing and Indexing
Document Indexer

PDF Filer an easy method of filing PDFs
Indexer for Tiff and PDF Images with CSV Output and Simple Workflow

Doc Viewer

Doc Viewer
Indexer for Tiff and PDF Images with up to 50 fields of index information collected

File Delivery
Batch Scan to eMail

Batch Scanning to eMail Software Box
Uses cover pages to separate documents and email them 

PDF Distributor

PDF Distribution Software Box
Separate and distribute via eMail PDF documents based upon contents

Batch Scanning File Separation
OCR File Splitter

Separate Faxes and Scanned images with OCR Text
Separate Scanned Documents and Facsimiles by Text Content

Blank Page Splitter

Blank Page Separation with Copier Software Box
Separate scanned documents by the use of a Blank Page

Blank Page Remover

Blank Page Remover when Copying Software Box
Removes Blank pages when copying

Batch Barcode Separator

Batch file separation using bar codes
Batch Barcode Separator allows a user to batch scan at their copier using barcode separator pages


Mark Separator

Batch file separation using Mark on Page
Mark Separator allows a user to place a mark or stamp on a file for separation when batch scanning


Batch Processing OCR and Image Stamping

Tiff to Text III

tif to Text Batch Processing OCR Software Box
Batch Process Tiff images into Text Files and PDF files

Tiff Numbering

Stamps a file name on a tiff image in a batch process without obstructing the image.

Text Searchable Tiffs

Text Searchable tif Images Software Box
Batch Process Tif images into Text Searchable Ones

Searchable PDF Hot Folder

Automatically Create Searchable PDF files


 Bar Code Creation and Printing

Multi Print

Small box of PDF Filer III V
Print to Multiple Printers and save an archive copy in one step

Cover Page Creator

Cover Page Creater Software Box

 Five programs for creating bar code separator pages

Fax Processing

Fax Balancer

Fax Balancer distributes work load

Equally distributes incoming Facsimiles for processing


Fax Router

Fax Router Software Box

Quickly distribute facsimiles or PDF files using rules


Follow me Fax

Follow Me Fax Forwarding Software Box

Convert Faxes to PDF Format and forward them to an email address


Auditing Tools

Signature Checker

Signature Checker Software Box

Quickly check thousands of files for a signature




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