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Scanning the File

Click on "Scan a File"

The Scan a File menu will open and the Scanning Profile can be selected.

Select the Document Type from the Drop Down List and click on "Scan File". 

Note: The scanner interface will be the one for the default Twain Device on the PC. The menu shown here is for a Fujitsu 4120c. If a Custom Scanner Profile was created the user may not be prompted for the settings.

Check the paper size and set the resolution to 300 X 300 and the image mode to Black and White, and click on Scan. When finished scanning click on Close. When scanning a multi-page document, place an entire document in the scanner, one at a time. When it is finished scanning the document, click on scan again. When scanning single page document it makes no difference if they are scanned in a batch or not, they will all be separated into single files.

When finished scanning click on Exit