File by OCR

File by OCR automatic document naming software box Automatically Name your scanned files from your Copier

File by OCR watches a file folder for output from a copier and when a file arrives Optical Character Recognition is performed automatically on the file and the text is extracted from it.

The extracted text is parsed and used to rename and relocate the file. The extracted parsed text can also be dumped into a csv file for importation into a database.  File by OCR not only works with the output from copiers or scanners but also with existing searchable PDF files. This option allows a user to create a database that relates to existing PDF files.

Extract text from a Tiff Image and use it to build a file folder hierarchy

Show ocr becoming file name

Extract text from a Searchable PDF

File by OCR automatically names files and places them in a file folder structure based on the document's contents. It works with scanned tiff images or text searchable PDF files.

File by OCR will also allow a user to extract data from a document and place the data in a CSV file for importation into a document management system.

Unlike zonal OCR programs, File by OCR uses Optical Character Recognition on the entire document and then parses the data contents, allowing the user to easily capture data from multi-page documents and documents of various lengths such as sales receipts. The parsing engine can extract information based on its location to other items in the file and it also supports Regular Expressions and EasyPatterns.

All processing of documents is done in a batch process after scanning, allowing a user to move on to something else while the OCR process is being carried out.

File by OCR also has the capability to monitor an unlimited number of file folders that contain different document types to be processed, making it ideal for use with a copier that has a scan to file option. The program also supports Twain Scanners and has an easy to use interface that correctly places the file in the correct folder for processing. 

When setting the program up the user should take into consideration that OCR technology is not 100 percent accurate and capture enough data so that they can be assured that if the document is not found on the first search it can be found on a subsequent search, or review the files after they have been processed for any errors in the data capture. If possible the user should consider formatting their documents so that mission critical data is placed on the document in large characters using an OCR font.

System Requirements:

Windows OS - Microsoft XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
Microsoft Office Document Imaging - Part of the Windows Office Suite
A copier manufactured by Canon, Ricoh, Xerox, Sharp, HP, Kyocera, Konica, Toshiba, Brother, Lanier, Savin, Gestetner, Panasonic, HP, Oce, Kodak or other that has the ability to scan to a file folder on a network.

If a copier is not available a TWAIN compliant scanner.

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