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Custom Scanner Settings

Setting up Custom Scanner Settings - Optional

Scanner settings can be preset allowing the correct settings to be loaded for each document type. With this option the user does not have to remember what resolution, what type (simplex or duplex) what mode, (B&W or Grayscale) to use. If the scanner has an automatic document feeder this option can be turned which will bypass the scanner's configuration menu. It is not necessary to use custom scanner settings; however, it will reduce the amount of operator errors.

To setup Custom Scanner Settings Click on "Create Custom Scanner Settings for Jobs".

The Custom Scanner Settings Menu will open. Check to make sure the Scanner is Turned ON and click on New.

File by OCR will search for TWAIN Devices

When it is finished searching the Custom Scanner Settings Menu will appear

1. Select the Scanner to be used
2. Select Mode - either B&W or Grayscale (B&W is recommended)
3. Select the resolution (for best results use 300)
4. Select whether the documents are simplex or duplex
5. Select whether the documents are single or multi-page
6. Select whether the automatic document feeder should be used if available
7. Place a check mark to have the scanner interface open with these settings

When finished selecting settings click on "Save"

Enter a name for these settings. These settings can be used for a number of different jobs. So the naming should relate to the settings or a familiar document type. For instance if invoices are scanned at 300 dpi as a multi-page TIFF image. The job should be named "Invoices" or Multi-Page 300dpi.