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Running the Program

The Program can be Activated in one of two methods, one is to run a specific Job and the other is to monitor all Jobs. When montioring all Jobs each Job's output folder is checked for images, when one is found it processed automatically.

There are two options for running the job, one is to run a single job manually and the other is to monitor all file folders and process each document as it comes in. OCR is very processor intensive and this should be considered when making the selection. 

To Run a single Job:

To begin click on Run a Single Job

The Output Profile Manager Window will open.

Select the Job to Run from the drop down list and click on "Run Job'. An Icon will appear in the Sys Tray showing that the files are being processed. This Icon will always show when files are being processed.

Or click on Monitor all input folders and Process

If this option is selected all folders will be monitored and processed. An icon will appear in the Sys Tray that allows the user to Start, Stop or Exit the process.