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Anchor Points

Anchor Points provide a great deal of flexibility in capturing the data. The OCR text may not always be in the same location on each file and with Anchor Points rules can be created to capture the data that appears in different locations on each file.

Begin by clicking on "Use Anchor Points" from the Parse Captured Data Menu.

The Anchor Points menu will open

Anchor Point Line Capture is divided into four sections, the Value name (item 1), defining the line to be captured (items 2-5), setting the start position of the data to be captured (items 6,7), and defining  the end position of (items 8-10) of the data to be captured.  

1. Name for this Value - Enter a Name for the Value to be captured. The name "FullName" is reserved for one use and it is used to parse a person's name. 

2. Anchor Point One - All data in the text file will be excluded until this is found. It can be left blank to start at the top of the file.

3. Anchor Point Two - All of the data will be excluded until Anchor Point One is found and then the data will be excluded until Anchor Point Two is found. 

4. Lines to Add after Anchor Point - After the data is excluded from the Anchor Points the user may specify how many lines to add. This will place the capture point on the line specified after the Anchor Points. 

5. Line Containing Text - If the line always contains the same text it can be entered here and the line to capture will be specified. For instance, if the Line always has "P.O." on it followed by a Purchase Order Number "P.O." can be specified and that will be the line that is parsed. 

6. Static Position - If the data on the line is always in the same position the start point can be entered here. For example, if the data is always first on the line "1" can be entered, or if a five digit number appears it can be set at "6" and the data after the number it will be the start point. In most cases if used it will be set to "1", as a space can be used to define the start point. 

7. After Text - Define the start point of the capture after a phrase or character appears. 

8. Length of Capture - Enter the specific number of characters to capture

9. Until Text - Capture all data from the start point until this text is found. For instance a space can be used to capture a variable length of data as the stop point will be where a space separates it from the next value.

10. Check for End of Line - by placing a check mark in this box all text on the line will be captured from the start point until the line ends.


Capturing and Parsing a Name

To parse a person's name Enter "FullName" for the Value

In this example "TO" will be entered as Anchor Point One, which means all text will be excluded until "TO" is found. Once the line is found, the start position will be after the word "TO" and will continue until the end of the line. 

The returned value is display on one line. If it is correct click on OK and then Continue and Save.

When the Parse Captured Data menu opens the FullName Value will be there along with the Firstname and Lastname.