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Floating Number

The Floating Number Function searches for a specified number of integers that occur. It is important to understand that it reads a string of numbers one at a time when calculating the value to be captured. 

For instance, 123456789 contains 9 Integers if the number of integers was set to 3 and the occurrence was set to 2 then 234 would be returned. As the first set would return 123 the second set 234 and the third set would be 345. In other words it returns the string as follows

Occurrence Value
1  123 
2  234
3  345
4  456
5  567 
6  687
7  789
8  No Match for 3 integers

Begin by clicking on "Floating Number"

The Floating Number Setup Window will appear

A value is entered for the Captured Data in this case V_Numb

When the text is examined the number that needs to be captured contains 8 digits and it is the first occurrence of a 8 digit number after the Voucher Number appears. However, on closer examination the OCR picked up the correct spelling and formatting on only one occurrence of "VOUCHER NUMBER". The second occurrence of what should have been "VOUCHER NUMBER" was returned as "VOUCRERNUMB". Because of this and that there is nothing else close to "VOU" on the text "VOU" will be used to find where the program should start searching for the number.

As in the other examples this is not the only way it could be done. For instance, instead of VOU, NUMB could have been used or the digits counted and calculated from where VENDOR# appears.

The Fuzzy Logic Option allows for the software to repace a "O" or a "Q" with a "0". The option as to what to replace can be setup from the Main Menu under Global Settings