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Sample Setups

Example One:

In this setup the folder "C:\Input TIFF Files" will be monitored and when the user makes a selection the files will be moved into a subfolder of "C:\Departments". The subfolders in "C:\Departments" will be automatically created and they will be:


The file name will remain the same and the user input screen will only have one drop down list and look like:

Example Two:

In this setup the "C:\Departments\Accounting" ouput folder from example one is monitored and the user can select what type of accounting document needs to be processed.

Similar Results could have been obtained by creating options in Example One with subfolders of each Department so the list would be:
Accounting\Invoice~Accounting\Work Orders~Accounting\Purchase Orders etc.

Example Three:

In this setup the folder "C:\Accounting Records\Invoice" is monitored and the output files will be placed in a subfolder of C:\Invoices. A CSV file will be created that has a header line with the field names and will be saved in the folder "C:\Accounting Records\Invoice". The file name will be the origional file name a dash "-" and the Invoice number. If the file already exists it will be replaced.

Output From the Example:

The original file name is appended with the invoice number

The CSV file is placed in the Root Folder