File by OCR - process faxes, scans and PDF's

File by OCR automatic document naming software box Extract OCR text using rules for file nameing and confirmation.

File by OCR watches a file folder for scanned images, faxes and PDF files. When a file arrives Optical Character Recognition is performed automatically on the file and the text is extracted from it.

The extracted text is parsed and used to rename the file or it can be saved into a text file for file verficaion.

Unlike most programs that read an area it searches either the first page or entire document. When it searches it uses rules to limit the search and it always brings back the first match or all matches The user can use as many rules as they like. What it is designed for is processing documents from other sources that have been scanned or faxed and they contain a unique identifier. An example would be someone who puts their account number on all correspondence. When the mail comes in and is scanned or the document faxed an attempt to handle it automatically can me made. Or perhaps people are sending faxes that contain a SSN or an Account Number. The lookup can return all the numbers so a lookup could be used to verify the number.

To make it easy the rules are EasyPatterns which are related to regular expressions. What is unique about EasyPatterns is that they are easy to figure out and write. For instance if you want a 10 digit number you enter [10digits] if you want a number that is at least digits [10+digits]. To make it easier they have real world patterns already done such as a Social Security Number, for it you use [SocialSecurityNumber] or [3 digits, dash, 2 digits, dash, 4 digits]. More on EasyPatterns is here.

For instance if the user has a ten digit account number that begins with 142 it can search for all numbers that begin with 142 that are ten digits long. Another example would be search for a 9 digit SSN, or an account number that begins with 789 that has 9 digits or a 10 digit phone number. When using "OR" the first match will be used.

The program can be left running to monitor folders for input and it will handle both tiff images and PDF files. However since a PDF is just a container for a file it is strongly recommended that you use tiff for an input and pdf for an output format.

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System Requirements:

Windows OS - Microsoft XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Microsoft Office Document Imaging - Part of the Windows Office Suite
A copier manufactured by Canon, Ricoh, Xerox, Sharp, HP, Kyocera, Konica, Toshiba, Brother, Lanier, Savin, Gestetner, Panasonic, HP, Oce, Kodak or other that has the ability to scan to a file folder on a network.

If a copier is not available a TWAIN compliant scanner.

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