eDoc Zonal OCR - Read Text and Barcodes from Scanned Files

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Extract Text, Barcode Contents, Rename the file from contents, batch process files and create a CSV file with the Document's Contents

eDoc Zonal OCR is a program designed to capture data from scanned files, place the data in a csv file and rename the file based upon the contents of the file. It has the ability to validate the captured data with EasyPatterns (similar to Regular Expressions) to assure accuracy. The user can also use Fuzzy Logic when applying the EasyPattern to increase the percent of properly processed files.

For instance, many times an OCR engine will return an "I" instead of a "1" or a "O" instead of a "0". With Fuzzy Logic it can be assumed that if a number is being captured from the area of the file and an "O" is returned it is really a "0".

Once processed the user can import the data in the csv file into their database if desired (An import is not included with this program) or just search for the renamed file. The user can also view and update the file with eDocfile's Doc Viewer as well to create a simple workflow.

eDoc Zonal OCR works on the concept of each type of processing is a Job. So, there is a job for each type of document and as many jobs as desired can be created and the program will cycle though them.

The logic used in eDoc Zonal OCR was audited by an independent firm and it was found that 1 out of a thousand documents failed and had to be manually indexed.


  • Simple to setup
  • Processes Unlimited Zones
  • Monitors a Folder for Images - completely automates the process
  • Uses EasyPatterns for validation
  • PDF and Tiff Output
  • On existing file - Replace, Append First, Append Last or Add Time Stamp
  • Offers user Configurable Fuzzy Logic
  • Separates documents by lenght, blank pages or barcodes
  • Reads QR Codes, 3 of 9 and Code 128 barcodes
  • Choice of OCR engines, Tesseract 32 or 64 bit as well as Microsoft Office Document Imaging (available for free as part of SharePoint Designer 2007 - no longer supported by Microsoft but no issues have come up using it with Windows 10)

How it works:

An image is pulled from a monitored (Hot) folder, an area of the image is extracted and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is applied to the area. Then utilizing Fuzzy Logic the OCR text is modified to correct for common errors. Such as a "1" being read as a "I". When this is completed an EasyPattern rule is applied. EasyPatterns are similar to Regular Expressions only very simple to configure.

EasyPattern Examples:

This captures an entire number that has at least 3 digits

This Captures exactly 6 digits

This Captures a number that begins with 35 and has 4 more digits

[ ( '35' or '36' or '37'), 3digits ]
This captures a range from 35000 to 37999

This would return a mixture of letters and digits and the letters have to be specific. It would begin with 4 digits, have the letters AB, a two digit number, the letters VIN followed by at least 2 or more digits such as 1234AB12VIN34

This is similar to the expression above only instead of it having the letters "AB" returned it will return at least two or more letters followed by a two digit number, the letters VIN and two or more digits

The returned text from the EasyPatterns is then used to move and rename a file.



Download Trial Version with Tesseract 64 bit OCR engine

Download Trial Version with Tesseract 32 bit OCR engine

The Trial Version becomes the licensed version with the insertion of the Key

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