Simple Barcode Filer - Scanning Tax Files
Simple Document filing with barcodes software box

Simple Barcode Filer and Barcode Back Filer are ideal for scanning Income Tax files.

Simple Barcode Filer can be used to scan and file tax documents as they come in. The user would place a cover page on the file and scan it to a monitored file folder. Once in the folder the file would be automatically moved to the client's folder and named the document type. These files can be batch scanned to speed up the process. With this method the files are available to the accountant as PDF's on the network.

In many cases the accountant may prefer to work as they currently are with paper files. When this is the case Barcode Back Filer can me used. With this method a cover page is created with the client's name and a cover page is placed on top of each document section. This method allows the work flow to remain as close as possible to what it currently is. When a client comes in the cover pages are printed and inserted in the file. When the file is closed it is batch scanned.

In both cases the files will be placed in the client's folder and named the client's name followed by what type of document. As shown here:

File Structure of scanned tax files

When the files are all scanned the "Archive PDF's" option is used in File by Barcode Suite. This will pull out the files in the folder and create one PDF for the client with all of their documents in a bookmarked PDF.

Bookmarked Income Tax File




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