PDF Distributor

Software Box for separating PDF files and emailing them

Separate PDF Files and Deliver them via eMail

PDF Distributor is a program that will separate a multi-page text searchable PDF and distribute it via email based upon its contents. It is ideally suited for distributing reports and statements without printing and mailing.



How it works:

Instead of using a conventional printer, the user prints the statement or report with a program that creates a text searchable PDF. This can be done with the standard version of Acrobat or a freeware program such as PDF Creator. Once created, PDF Distributor will split the file into separate documents based upon a unique word that appears on the first page of each document, such as "Statement" or "Page 1".

Once the file has been split the program will read a specific area of the document that relates to where it is to be delivered, such as a person's name or department. After the program has this value it will be used to lookup a corresponding email address in a CSV file. When there is a match the file will be delivered via email. If there is no match it will be placed in a file folder for errors and details will be written to a log file.

Additional attachments can be sent along with the file announcing special events, sale items etc.


System Requirements:

Windows OS - Microsoft XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

Acrobat or other program that creates a text searchable PDF

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