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Productively Distribute Faxes in your office without printing

Fax Router is a program that allows a user to productively distribute facsimiles throughout an organization. It cycles through faxes and allows a user to convert them to PDF files, e-mail the fax, print the fax, and file the fax based upon a set of rules that are entered via shortcuts. 

What is your existing Fax Scenario?

Faxes are printed and manually distributed:

As each fax comes in the cover page is read, if it is addressed to more than one person, a copy is made and it is distributed to each individual. The method of distribution could be that the individual that reads the cover page is responsible for placing it in an in box or manually delivering the fax to the recipient. This method is by far the most expensive as it is very labor intensive.

Faxes are left on the machine and it is left up to the recipient to get their own.

This method is very common as it is assumed that the recipient knows that a fax is coming in. The draw backs are numerous as the recipient may travel to the machine on more than one occasion to look for the fax. If more than one fax is on the machine they will have to sort through each one (some of which may be many pages) to see if the one they are looking for has arrived. It is not uncommon for one person to show up at the machine shortly after the other, the first person usually hands the ones he has looked at to the other individual, now doubling the companies expense as two people have reviewed the same documents. It is also not uncommon for the pages to get mixed up if placed back on the machine, which means they get sorted again, and again increasing the company's expense. If a fax is addressed to more than one recipient it is up to the recipient to make a copy and either deliver the fax or place it back on the machine for the other party. This method tends to be one of the most inefficient methods.

Electronic Distribution

One method is to purchase a service that provides a fax number for each employee. The fax is converted to email and arrives electronically. This method is effective but expensive and if the fax is to be addressed to more than one individual the sender has to fax it twice.
There are other means of electronic distribution, but each has its drawbacks. With all methods of electronic distribution (there are numerous ones) other than having a fax service as described above have exception faxes where an individual has to manually look at a fax and decide what to do with it. In this case, an employee is given the task of opening the image file, attaching it to an e-Mail, addressing the e-Mail, deleting or moving the original image file or it may be the policy to print and manually distribute the faxes that cannot be routed automatically.
It is also not uncommon for an organization to handle faxes the way exception faxes are handled when their is automation software in place.

What Fax Router Does

Fax Router is designed to productively distribute facsimiles throughout an organization. This distribution can be via e-Mail, Moving to a File Folder, and Printing on one or more printers on the network. Regardless of the method chosen, Fax Router will quickly pay for itself over and over again. Fax Router:

  • Quickly Cycles through all electronic facsimiles
  • Converts Faxes to PDF Format
  • With as little as 1 keystroke Fax Router can process a fax
  • Faxes can be emailed to a recipient, or group
  • Faxes can be Printed on the recipients local printer
  • Faxes can be Moved to a Folder on the users PC, or a Personal Folder on the server
  • Junk Faxes can be Deleted
  • Faxes can be skipped for Later Processing
  • Multiple Functions can be handled at once, e-Mailed, Printed and Moved
  • A copy to an archive folder is automatically created
  • Works with copiers that save facsimiles to a folder on the network

How Fax Router Works

Fax Router quickly opens a facsimile in a light weight viewer with a drop down list that contains shortcuts to a list of rules. Once the rule is selected the user clicks on "Process" to apply the rules

Menu of Fax Router facsimile distribution software

 For instance. The shortcut “jj” could be for John Jones. If this shortcut is entered and the e-Mail button pressed, John Jones would receive the email. With the Folder button pressed the facsimile would be moved to a folder on his PC and if the Print button was pressed the facsimile would print on his local printer.

 Shortcuts can be stacked. For instance in the above example, jj was entered for John Jones. Perhaps John Jones and Sam Spade work together and want to receive all facsimiles together. In this case a Shortcut of jjss could be created allowing both of them to receive the facsimiles via e-Mail, Printed on their local printers or Moved to their personal folders.

 Advanced options are also available allowing one document to be e-Mailed to one group, Printed for another Group, and moved into a file folder for another, all with the click of a mouse.
 As all users will not need all of these features, Fax Router has been designed to allow by default the most common combinations of features to be present on the users desktop, saving them time in processing if they decide to tab through the options. One option always available is “Advanced” which allow for multiple actions to be carried out on one document.

Once the facsimile has been processed the next one automatically opens and prompts the user again for a Shortcut and Command. This cycling feature saves the user from having to open and close the documents manually.

Using the Application

The user runs  the program  and when a facsimile arrives they are notified as to when it should be processed; now or remind me later. When now is selected the program cycles through all of the incoming facsimiles. The program automatically opens the first facsimile, zooms in on the top of the fax where the recipients address is normally located and places a small menu on top of the image prompting for a shortcut key.

The user enters a shortcut key combination such as the persons initials, clicks tab and presses enter and the document is sent via email and the next facsimile opens. This process continues until all the faxes are processed or the user exits.
If the user wants to do more than just send it to one person or group, they can click on the Advanced Tab or press ALT+A and the advanced menu will open.

This menu allows the user to process the fax by printing to one group, copying the files to another group and emailing them to another.

There are specialty menus for:

  • All Options
  • Rules
  • e-Mail Defaults
  • e-Mail and Folder
  • e-Mail and Printer
  • Folder and Printer
  • e-Mail Only
  • Folder Only
  • Print Only

If emailing the recipient and they have a rule for email and one for a folder the email will contain a link to the file as opposed to attaching it saving bandwidth.

Cost Justification:

If a company saves 10 - 15 minutes a day the software will pay for itself within 4 to 5 months at a burden rate of $25.00 per hour.

Common Questions:

What happens to the original facsimile?

The original is moved to folder for archiving purposes

How many shortcuts can be created?

As many are as needed can be created. It is suggested that they me named something that can easily be remembered such as recipients initials, case number, project name etc. For instance in a law firm if case number is used everyone related to the case could receive a copy of the facsimile in their preferred format.

Can the same shortcut be used for different functions?

Yes, and this is suggested so it can be remembered. For instance if initials are used, the persons initials could be used to send them an email or print on their local printer.

What happens if there is no shortcut setup for the document that came in?

The facsimile will remain in the input folder until the user creates a rule and applies it.




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