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Quickly Move, Rename and Index PDFs and Tiff Images or build a Simple Work Flow.


Document Indexer is a tool to increase the productivity of filing scanned documents. It can be used by itself or in conjunction with a Document Management Program.


Document Indexer monitors a file folder(s) for TIFF and PDF files, when a file arrives the operator is notified and can quickly enter indexing information about the document.


The indexing information can be used to rename and relocate (deliver) the file, and also be use to create a CSV file for importation into a Document Management Program.

Along with the CSV file the user also has the option of embedding the indexing information into custom tags if using PDF Files. 


The program can monitor numerous folders allowing different indexing information to be collected for different document types.


An example would be a mixture of different document types. The user selects Accounting and the file is moved to the accounting folder, when the accounting folder is processed the user selects what type of accounting document such as Purchase Order, Credit Memo, Invoice etc. Once it is in the document type folder, information is collected about the particular document (Purchase Order Number, Vendor Amount etc. Because of this it can also be used for simple work flow. When the user enters the information it can be passed on again for approval. 



How it Works

A document arrives in a folder and the user is notified by a message box that appears on their desktop. At this point the user can immediately process the file or wait and process the file later. When the user elects to processe the file it opens and zooms to an area of the file that contains the information needed to index it. Up to ten pieces of indexing information can be collected. Once indexed it is moved to another folder. This folder can be monitored on another user's PC allowing for documents to move quickly and efficiently through an organization.

To aid in standardizing the index information values can be put in drop down lists, if just a few are needed they can be entered in the setup, if numerous ones are needed they can be read from a text file. This option of reading from a text file also allows an administrator to update everyone's index information at once.

The program and user interface is the same if it is using Tiff images or PDF files. The difference between them is that if it is a PDF the user can search the text in the PDF and save the indexing information into the documents meta tags. When processing a tiff the user can have the file converted to a PDF. This allows the user to process incoming facsimiles and have them renamed and routed as a PDF.

Once all the images are processed in a folder the program can automatically trigger another application. This allows the user to provide their own application to update their database.


  • Automatically monitors (watches) file folders for incoming PDF or Tiff Images

  • Quickly Names and moves files

  • Standardizes index information

  • Can be used to create simple workflows

  • Updates meta data on PDF's

  • Allows up to 10 pieces of Index information to be collected about a document

  • Separates Tiff and PDF files

  • Automatically triggers another application when indexing is complete

  • Saves zoomed in locations of index information for like document types

  • Automatically loads previous index information for confirmation (allows a user to confirm index information and append to it for workflow)

  • Index information from previous document can be automatically loaded. (ideal for same document types and dates)

  • Converts Tiff images to PDFs

Screen Shot of three fields of indexing information

Screen Shot with three fields of Index Information


System Requirements:

Windows OS - Microsoft XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
A method of creating or acquiring Tiffs or PDF files such as a scanner, fax machine, copier with a scan to folder option or an application with a virtual printer



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