Doc Viewer
Doc Viewer / Indexer Software Box A viewer for PDFs and Tiff images that collects index information for uploading to a database.

Doc Viewer is a program designed to allow a user to quickly enter indexing information for a document, create a simple work flow, move, rename, split and combine tiff images and PDF files.

Used in its most basic form it is a quick way to rename and move scanned images into a logical file folder hierarchy. In its most complex use it can be used in workflow to move documents based on decisions or capture data for importation into a database.


Along with the CSV file the user also has the option of embedding the indexing information into custom tags if using PDF Files. 


The program can monitor numerous folders allowing different indexing information to be collected for different document types.


An example would be a mixture of different document types. The user selects Accounting and the file is moved to the accounting folder, when the accounting folder is processed the user selects what type of accounting document such as Purchase Order, Credit Memo, Invoice etc. Once it is in the document type folder, information is collected about the particular document (Purchase Order Number, Vendor Amount etc. Because of this it can also be used for simple work flow. When the user enters the information it can be passed on again for approval. 



The program opens a document (Tiff or PDF) in a viewer that has data entry boxes. The user enters information about the document and it is moved to an output folder along with the index information.

It is assumed that all like document types are in the same folder. To move them into a folder where all documents are alike a separate job can be used. The user can create an unlimited number of Jobs for different document types.

For instance, folder "A" can contain a mixture of documents and the only data entry needed is to select a document type. When selected the file is moved into a folder with similar documents. The user opens a job for a particular document type (the output from folder "A") and enters the index information, once entered it is moved to an output folder. From here more data can be entered by another user or it could be made available for importation into a database.

The data entry screen allows the user to have up to 50 fields of information entered. The options for entry are, text boxes, drop down lists, check boxes and one comments field. The drop down lists can be populated from a list, a text file or a CSV file if nicknames are being used. A nick name is a short name for longer data, such as "Bob", when "Bob" is selected from the list instead of the word "Bob" being entered it could be a file folder path for Bob's files or his email address etc.


  • Can be used to quickly route faxes and PDF files to email accounts or file folders

  • Quickly Names and moves files

  • Standardizes index information

  • Can be used to create simple workflows

  • Allows up to 50 pieces of Index information to be collected about a document

  • Separates Tiff and PDF files

  • Automatically loads previous index information for confirmation (allows a user to confirm index information and append to it for workflow)

  • Converts Tiff images to PDFs

  • Drop down lists can be populated by text or csv files.

  • Using "Nicknames" a file can be emailed or delivered to a folder outside of a logical filing scheme


System Requirements:

Windows OS - Microsoft XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
A method of creating or acquiring Tiffs or PDF files such as a scanner, fax machine, copier with a scan to folder option or an application with a virtual printer

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