Doc Sorter

Automatic Document Sorting Software Box Automatically Sort and Name your scanned files or facsimiles.

Doc Sorter is a program designed to sort documents into folders based upon the text content of the file. It will process tiff images if Microsoft Office Document Imaging is present as well as searchable PDF files. The program can also capture one piece of data that can be used to link the document to a database for further processing as well as rename the file this value.

The program is designed to run in the background and monitor a folder for incoming facsimiles. When a file is found it is processed and then program waits for another incoming file to be processed.

For instance the program can identify the document as a insurance policy, search for a policy number and rename the file policy number.

The user has the option of outputting the files as PDFs or keeping them in the original tiff format. The captured data will be saved as a csv file with additional information that can be used for processing the file.

Doc Sorter can be used with Document Indexer to sort, route and index incoming facsimiles.


System Requirements:

Windows OS - Microsoft XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8

If Processing Tiffs: Microsoft Office Document Imaging - Part of the Windows Office Suite (2003 & 2007)

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