Blank Page Splitter
Blank Page Splitter Separator Software Box Blank Page Separation for your Network Copier

Blank Page Splitter is a program that allows a user to take full advantage of their copier's scan option. Currently if a user wants to scan numerous files they have to start and stop each time there is a new document to be scanned.

This defeats the purpose of having a 50 or more page per minute machine when scanning a batch of small documents. With Blank Page Splitter the user just scans the files in a batch process without stopping.

Blank Pages are used for separation.

This document imaging tool does the rest. Every time a blank page appears a new file is created automatically. Increasing an employees efficiency and making it easier to prepare files for inclusion into a companies document management software program.



How it Works

Blank Page Splitter watches an output folder from a copier. When it finds a multi-page tif image it begins its processing cycle. Blank Page Splitter counts the number of pixels on each page and then the number of black pixels. If the percentage of black pixels is more than a given amount the page is saved and added to the previous page. If the percentage is less the page is discarded and a new file is started. This process continues until all files are processed and then the file folder is checked again.

It works with documents scanned in a duplex mode or a simplex mode. The simplex mode creates a new document every time a blank page is found. The duplex mode drops all blank pages and creates a new file when two consecutive blank pages are found.  This allows a user to scan a mixture of simplex and duplex documents and have an output file with no blank pages.

The output file can be either a tiff image file or a PDF. A backup of the original image can also be saved in an archive folder.

To send documents directly to a printer without blank pages see Blank Page Remover.

System Requirements:

Windows OS - Microsoft XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8


A copier manufactured by Canon, Ricoh, Xerox, Sharp, HP, Kyocera, Konica, Toshiba, Brother, Lanier, Savin, Gestetner, Panasonic, Oce, or other that has the ability to scan to a file folder on a network.

The program can also be used by a stand alone scanner such as those manufactured by Kodak, Fujitsu, Panasonic, Canon, Ricoh and others.

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Blank Page Splitter II

Process an entire file folder and it's subfolders

Blank Page Splitter II is similar to Blank Page Splitter; however, instead of processing one file folder it will process a folder and its subfolders making it ideal for one copy to support an entire office.

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