Barcode Cover Creator

Barcode Cover Page Creator Software Box Barcode Creator consists of five utilities that create barcode cover pages for indexing documents. Each utility has the option of printing either 3 of 9 or Code 128 barcodes.
  • Bar Code Identifier
  • Create Sequential Bar Code Cover Pages
  • Create Two Bar Codes
  • Create Bar Code from CSV file
  • Create Standardized Bar Code

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  • Barcode Identifier – this program creates two barcodes per page. One is used to identify the document and the other the document type. The document type is selected from a drop down list and the cover pages can be printed as a group. This would be ideally suited for where there is a file that has numerous sections. For instance, a Personnel file, one barcode could be the employee number and the other could be for each of the document types such as application, tax information, health plan etc. Numerous profiles can be created and shared on the network. View Menus

  • Create Sequential Barcode Cover Pages – the name says it all. Enter a start and end range and a series will be printed. This is ideal where consecutive numbered documents need to be scanned. An example would be a check run. Enter the stating check number and ending number and cover pages will be created that match the check numbers.  View Menus

  • Create Two Barcodes – this program allows the user to key in two values that will become barcodes. It is similar to Barcode Identifier with the exception being the user keys in a value as opposed to selecting it from a list.  View Menus

  • Create Barcode from CSV file – this utility will read a delimited file and allow the user to select up to eight fields that will be printed as either a Code 128 or 3 of 9 barcode. This utility is useful for when a database relates to existing documents. The user can sort the csv file in Excel and print the barcodes in the same sequence that the physical documents are in. The user can also create a series of cover pages for each record in the database. View Menus

  • Create Standardized Barcodes – The user can enter one value and select up to three more from drop down lists. This can be used to index documents or when document routing is based on a file name.  View Menus

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Barcode Identifier

Multiple Document Types can be Indexed


Each Type can have multiple Subsections


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Create Sequential Barcode Cover Pages

User Enters a Range and they are created

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Create Two Barcodes

User Keys in Two values for Barcodes

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Create Barcode from CSV file
User Selects a delimited file and a delimiter

User maps fields to location on cover page and optionally adds Sections

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Create Standardized Barcodes
Enter Value for First Barcode or Get Clipboard Contents

Select Additional Barcodes from three Drop down lists

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