Searching Tiff Images with dtSearch

Document Retrieval with dtSearch

For when document retrieval speed and search options are critical

Although Text Searchable Tiffs can be searched for with the search engine built into Windows, if more search options are desired or if retrieval speed is critical eDocfile recommends dtSearch. It will search for not only the Text Searchable Tiffs but also, most all other document types including PDF's, Outlook Mail, Word Documents, Excel Spreadsheets etc. It allows the user to refine the search by Proximity “words within so many words of another”, Stemming (the root of the search word), Synonym (related words) Phonic (sound like) and Fuzzy Searching (some of the letters match). It can also limit the search by index data in the Author, Subject, Title and Keywords in a files properties. It does the searching almost instantaneous, unlike the search engine in Windows.

However, by default, dtSearch is not setup to search Text Searchable Tiffs, so use the directions below to change the settings.

Setup dtSearch for use with Text Searchable Tiffs

  Setting up dtSearch for use with Text Searchable Tiffs   Begin by opening dtSearch and selecting Options/Preferences

Opening preferences for adding Text Searchable Tiffs or PDFs

Select File Types

Select File types in indexing options to add tiff image

Click on New

Click on new to add tiff images as type to be indexed

Enter “tif images” in the Name Window and click on Okay

Type in Tiff Images

Select Ifilter for the File type and in the Filename filters to identify files of this type enter *.tif,*.TIF,*.Tif and then click on Filtering options

Check Filtering Options to check for Tiff Image

Check to See if *.TIF exists in the “Exclude filter list for new indexes” if it does delete it

Delete *.tif to add tif images to the index


Click on “OK” to exit the Preferences Menu  

Click on “Index” and then “Create Index...” to add the documents to be searched

Create Index to add begin to add tif images

When the “Create index” window opens enter a name for your index and select a location for the index to be stored. In this case the index was named “Tiff Images” and the default path of “C:\Program Files\dtSearch\UserData\Tiff Images” was used. Click on “OK” to continue.

name the index for the tiff images

A window will open prompting you to add documents now or later, click on Yes to add documents now

Select yes to add tiff images to  the index

When the “Update Index” Window opens select Add folder..” 

 Select the folder that contains the tiff images

select the location of the tiff images to be indexed

The folder to be indexed will appear in “What to Index” Click on “Start Indexing” to build the index.

the folder of tiff images will be indexed along with subfolders

A window will open showing the process of the tiff files being indexed.  

Indexing of tif images progress

Click on “Close when the process is complete”

finished indexing tiff images

To Begin Searching Click on the magnifying glass

click on icon to begin to search for the text in the tif images

Select the index to search and enter the criteria to search for and click on Search

Select the index to use for searching for text searchable tif images

A list of documents will be returned that contain your search results

A list of documents apears with the search results including pdf and tiff images

Double click on the Document and the text from the Text Searchable Tiff will appear in the bottom portion of the Window.  

the text from the tif or pdf will be displayed on the bottom

To Open the Document click on the Icon that looks like a pencil or press F8  

to open the document containing the words in the tif or pdf

The document will open in the default application for that document type, in this case Microsoft Document Imaging, if it were a PDF it would open in Adobe Acrobat


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