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Tiff Due Diligence

Tiff Due Diligence is a utility that confirms matching files exist for processed TIFF images. It will look at one file folder hierarchy and check another with a different root folder to see if there are matching file names with a different extension. 

Please note that Tiff Due Diligence is independent of Tiff to Text III and it stores its settings in the Windows Temp Folder. 

1. Place a check mark in this box to include Sub folders when making the comparison
2. The root input folder to be matched
3. The root output folder
4. A folder for failed files - tiff files that failed processing will be placed in this folder
5. Check for a matching tif image
6. Check for a matching text file
7. Check for a matching PDF file
8. Place a check mark in this box to create a matching file folder hierarchy for failed files. If it is not checked all failed files will be placed in root failed file folder.