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Tiff to Text III

Tiff to Text III is a utility that utilizes Microsoft Office Document Imaging's OCR engine to batch process TIFF images into text files that match TIFF images. It is ideally suited for law firms that need to process tens of thousands of TIFF images into mathing text files.

It will also transform TIFF images into Searchable Tiff Images and PDF files. When creating a PDF a hidden layer of text will be placed on the page of the pdf; however the hidden text will not be aligned with the words on the pdf. Therefore when searching the PDF the user will be taken to the correct page, but not directly to the word in the PDF.

The program can be used to process a batch of images or it can be used to monitor a folder and subfolders and process the images as they arrive. 

The program will always produce a mirror copy of the input folder structure and the files must be moved to a new location.