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Running Tiff to Text

Running the Program

To begin place all images to be processed on the hard drive on the local PC and check to make sure that they are not read only. Once this is done run the program.

When the program is run the setup menu will appear and display the Main Tab. (if it does not the program cannot find Microsoft Office Document Imaging (MODI). See setting MODI.)

All of the basic Choices can be set from the Main Menu.

1. Select where the files to be processed reside - the user can type in a path and the folder will be created for them

2. Select the folder for the output files

3. If subfolders of the folder selected need to be processed place a check mark here

4. If the output is desired to be one folder with no subfolders place a check mark here. (please note that if this option is not selected and "Include Sub Folders" is selected if any duplicate file names exist they will be overwritten)
5. If checked a Window will display the file name being processed

6. Output Text file only if checked if not checked the tiff and text file will be placed in the output folder
7. If checked the original tiff image will be deleted
8. Continue to Save Settings and be prompted to start processing
9. Displays HTML Help File
10. Exits Program without saving or processing
11. Advanced Output Settings - click on this tab to change format of text output

Once the basic options have been set click on the Advanced tab.

Select an output option from the Radio Button List a description of each option is display on the setup menu for ease of reference. If using Custom Output enter the ASCII Character Codes to use. 

When finished, click on Continue to begin processing. When the job is finished, a menu notifies the user.