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Begin by clicking on "Setup"

1 - Enter the folder that contains the images to be processed
2 - Select the Output Type "Tiff or PDF"
3 - Select how the images should be processed, "Expand Page Size" with a Border or "Shrink page Size with a Border"
4 - Place a check mark in this box to display a Window that shows what file is being processed. 
(Please note that is the processing window is displayed the program will not allow other programs to be run)
5 - Select a location for the stamp. North (top center), Northwest (top left), Northeast (top Right), Southwest, (bottom right), South (bottom centered), or Southeast (bottom right)
6 - Select a type face for the font.
7 - Select a font size
8 - If desired, add a Prefix for the Stamp
9 - If using a Prefix a separator can be added
10 - If using a Prefix, and the files are to be renamed the same as the stamp (without the extension) place a check mark in this box.