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Setup will run automatically on the completion of installation


1. Enter the paths to the Tiff images to be processed
2. Place a check mark in this box to force the OCR process
3. Place a check mark to display a progress Window
4. Place a check mark to create a new log file after each run the log file is saved as C:\TextSearchTiffs
5. Clear List - Clears all the folders from the list
6. Add Folder - Allows the user to browse to a folder to select it an it's subfolders
7. Help - Displays an HTML Help File
8. Run - Executes the Program
9. Exit - Exits the Setup 

Enter the file paths that contain tiff images that are to be processed. This can be done manually if desired. 

To browse to a folder, click on Add Folder Button

Click on the Folder Icon on the right side of the window

Browse to and select a Folder

The file path and will displayed

Click on OK to Continue

A new window will appear

Clicking on Yes will add all sub directories of the folder chosen and clicking on No will just add the selected folder

Select Yes to Append the chosen directories and sub directories to the current list. Selecting No will create a new list with just the chosen directories and sub directories.

Continue to Add folders if desired. The paths can also be manually edited. There is no limit to how many folders can be processed