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Setup Scanning Jobs

The Scanning Job allows the user to easily select the destination folder for the scanned images. This is the folder that is monitored by File by OCR for image processing.

Creating the Scanning Job

Click on "Scanning Profile Manager".

A Window will open.

Click on New

1. Enter a name for the type of document to be processed. This name will appear in a drop down list when scanning. An unlimited number of names can be used, so it can be used to create an index value, for instance if you want to index the work order by the person that did the work, you could have it Bobs Work Orders and scan all of his work orders with this job. Or if processing receipts from different departments it could be called Pro Shop Dining Room or Men's Grill if they came from a club.
2. Browse to a location to scan the files to (Scanner output).
3. Enter a root name for the scanned files. A counter will be added to the end of the file so there will be no duplicates.
4. In most cases the documents to be processed will be single pages, if multi-page files are to be created place a check in the "Check to create Mulit-Page Tiff files" box.
5. If a Custom Scanner Profile was created, select it from this drop down menu.

Click on "Continue" to finish setting up scanning.