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Advanced Global Settings


Changing these settings may affect current Jobs

From this menu the user can set the Fuzzy Numbers to Replace, the type of characters to replace and the handling of spaces. These settings relate to the text extracted from TIFF images. The Fuzzy Numbers replacement applies to all Text and is only used when parsing with the Floating Number Option.

1. Enter a Mail Server

2. Enter the From Address

3. Enter the From Name

4. Enter the User ID for the Mail Server

5. Enter the Password for the Mail Server

6. Enter the Port to use for outgoing mail

7. Place a check mark in this box if Authentication is Required.

8. Select an output option from the Radio Button List a description of each option is displayed on the setup menu for ease of reference.

9. If using Custom Output enter the ASCII Character Codes to use. For instance, 10, 13, 48-57 would return numbers only.

10. Fuzzy Searching is used with the Floating Number option. To enter a replacement, enter the character to be replaced and equal sign and what to replace it with. For instance, if Q=0 were entered and a "Q" was found in the string it would be replaced with a "0"

11. Selecting Remove Double Spaces allows all text to be formatted with a separate space between items.