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File Retrieval

To retrieve a file click on "File Retrieval".

The Select Document Type Window will appear if there is more than one Job setup. This menu will be skipped and the user taken directly to the next window when there is only one job. 

Select the Document Type and click on "Continue"

Example One - One value used

In this example Work Order One will be chosen it is a job with just the Work Order Number was captured and it was used to name the file. All of the files are in one folder.

The user enters a file number (in this case the Work Order Number) and the file is retrieved. Optionally the user can enter a range of numbers as shown above. 

If a range is selected the user will see a prompt to display a message each time a file is not found. The user can select Yes to see the message or No to skip it. Please note that if hundreds of files are in the range and they do not exist the user will be prompted each time and this will slow down the retrieval process. 
The file will be retrieved as a bookmarked PDF.

Example Two - Two values used

In this example one Value is the Customer Id and the other is the Job Number. There is a folder for each customer and in it are all the customer's files named the Customer ID-Job Number.

The user selects the Job and clicks on "Continue"

The user enters the Document Identifier in this case the Customer's Number and clicks on "Continue".

The retrieval menu will now show all of the files in the Customer's Folder. The user can select one by clicking on the number or they can use the "CTRL + Click" to select numerous files. 

Once the files are select the user clicks on "Continue" to open the file.