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Purpose of File by OCR

The purpose of File by OCR is to automatically file a document by is contents. File by OCR will allow a user to extract data contained in a scanned document or a searchable PDF file, build a file naming and storing structure based on the extracted values and create a CSV file for importation into a document management system.

If using scanned images as input the output can be PDFs, TIFF Images and Text files. If using searchable PDF's as input the output is limited to PDFs and Text files.

File by OCR has the capability to monitor an unlimited number of file folders that contain different document types to be processed, making it ideal for use with a copier that has a scan to file option. The program also supports Twain Scanners and has an easy to use interface that correctly places the file in the correct folder for processing.

The program relies completely on OCR technology which is not 100 percent accurate, when setting the program up the user should take this into consideration and capture enough data so that they can be assured that if the document is not found on the first search it can be found on a subsequent search. 

If possible the user should consider formatting their documents so that mission critical data is placed on the document in large characters using an OCR font. For instance a work order number or invoice number, properly formatted and captured would allow the user to go directly to the document. When there is a unique value such as an invoice number it will be placed in the Top line of the document. 

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