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Address Block

The Address Block option captures an address that is formatted as a block of text. It looks for 2 Characters that match a State Abbreviation followed by a Zip Code. When it searches for the State it does so in alphabetical order. 

Begin by clicking on "Capture Address Block" from the Parse Captured Data Menu.

The Setup Address Fields Parsing Window will appear.

Examine the text to be parsed.

Upon examination the word "TO" appears before the address block and is part of the form so it will remain constant on all output. This will become the "Anchor Point" which is the start of where the searching will begin for the line that contains the state and zip.

After the company name there is a period, this may or may not be after each company; however, it is not desired in the output so a "." will be entered in what to exclude.

The "Customer ID" is followed by a number so this line cannot be used to calculate the end of the address block as "ID" is the State Abbreviation for Idaho, and the ID number which comes after it could be mistaken for a Zip Code.

Click on Test to check the results

If they are correct, Click on "Continue" to save and Exit