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Capture Line and Position

Capture Line and Position is for capturing data that is always in the same location. It is ideally suited for parsing searchable PDF's that were created from an application as opposed to scanned files. When the files are scanned the position of the data may not always be in the same location. However, if the data is on the first couple of lines it is easy to use and will return excellent results. 

Begin by Clicking on Capture Line and Position

The Parse Static Line Menu will open.

The Customer ID number will be captured. The data is always on line one and this is entered in Starting Line Number. The ID number always appears after "ID" and before "JOB" so these values will be entered in "After Text" and "Until Tex"t. However, if the OCR engine incorrectly picks up "ID" and "JOB" the captured data will be incorrect. Therefore since the ID number always appears after a "space" and continues until the next "space" a space could be entered in "After Text" and "Until Text" as well with the better results. 

Since "ID" is two spaces the user could also set the "Static Position" to three. This would start the capture at the third character on the line. The point being there is no one correct setting as all of the examples will return the same captured data. 

Click on "Test" to check the results.

If the results are correct click on Continue

The Setup Wizard is self explanatory. It allows the user to highlight data and a series of questions are asked, once the Wizard is finished the values are placed in the menu for the user.