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Setting up the Parsing

This is the most difficult part of the setup process, as the OCR text may not always produce consistent results. To compensate for this the parsing is very flexible and if it cannot parse the documents correctly, contact eDocfile and supply us with some sample images. There is no one best way to parse the data, some items can be parsed many different ways.

To begin click on "Parsing Profile Manager".

A Window will open.

Click on "New" and a New Window Will Open.

Enter a Job Name. The job name should match the document type as it can be used again for different output. For instance in the above examples for Work Orders, everything would be always be consistent (as all captured data is always in the same format) except for the name of the person who entered the data or the branch\location it came from. The person who entered the data (or branch location) can be added later in the setup process to identify the source of the file.
Click on "Browse". 

Select the scanned file (either from the scanner or the output folder from the copier) or a searchable PDF. The path of this file will be used for processing all images in this Job. So it is important to select a sample file from the location where the images to be processed will be found.