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Triggering an Event

Each time a file folder of images is processed a command line program supplied by the user can be activated. For instance a user could supply a program that reads csv files and updates a database or informs a user there are new documents to be processed.
To trigger the event, in the folder that contains the Job Setting files place a text file with the command to be executed. The file name must match the job name with the extension being replaced with cml.
For instance if the Job Settings Path was "C:\jobsettings" and the job name was "invoice.ini" create a text file called "invoice.cml" and place it in the folder "C:\jobsettings". The first line of the text file will be read and processed. 
The processing works as follows:
The first line will be parsed and the program will change to the directory where the program is located.
The program will be executed
When the program is finished, processing will continue.

Shown here is an example of a program that will be triggered. If there is a job called invoices when the folder containing the images is finished processing the Simple Bar Code Filer will change to the directory "C:\Program Files\edocfile\PDF Indexer" and execute the program called "hello.exe". When the program "hello.exe" has terminated Document Indexer will continue.