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Running the Program - Indexing

Click on "Run Program"

Select a Job to run or place a check mark in the box to "Run All Jobs". If a single Job is run when the Job is finished the program will exit. If "Run All Jobs" is checked each Job will be run and then the folders monitored for incoming files. When running all Jobs the following menu will be displayed:

Select "Yes" to run the job now, to leave the program running and be reminded later enter a wait time in minutes and select "Wait", to skip the job and move to the next one select "Skip"

When a file is in the folder for processing it will open in the Indexing Viewer.

Enter the data in each of the fields and click on "Process" to load the next file. To quickly move between fields use the "Enter" or "Tab" key. To zoom in on an area click on the Green Magnifying Glass.

If the area is zoomed in on and the cursor is in the data entry box, the user has the ability to save this zoom area by clicking on the "Pin" box. If they do so the next time a document is loaded and the cursor is in the box the image will automatically be moved to the same area and magnification for the data entry. To clear the magnified position click on the "X" when the cursor is in the data entry box. 

To retain the values for the next document, place a check mark in the retain values box.