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Setup Indexing Job

Begin by clicking on "Setup"

Enter a folder to store the settings in and click on "Continue"

Click on "New"

Select "Indexing" to create an Indexing job and then click on "Continue"

1.) - Enter a Job Name for the Settings
2.) - Enter an Input Folder
3.) - Enter a Root Output Folder - Subfolders will be automatically created if the option is selected to put the files in a subfolder
4.) - Enter a Name for the field, this will later be used as a label on the indexing screen and as a field name if creating a CSV File or Properties Tag
5.) - To display a drop down list for entering index information enter it here with each item separated by a "~" tilde. Or optionally include a path to a text file, each line of the text file will become a value in the drop down list.
6.) - Place a check mark here to move the file to a subfolder
7.) - Place a check mark here to use the data as a file name. If nothing is selected the original file name will be kept
8.) - If a CSV file is to be created select whether it should have a header line with field names
9.) - Place a check mark here if the indexing data should be embedded in the file with custom properties tags - this applies to pdf files only
10.) - Select a location for the CSV file, the options being with the output file, in the root directory of output files or a given location.
11.) - If selecting a fixed location for the CSV file enter it here
12.) - To keep the current file name and have the selected information added to it put a check mark here.
13.) - Select what to do on a duplicate file, Replace or Append
14.) - Select a file name separator
15.) - Place a check mark here to convert an incoming Tiff image to PDF output